Jay Z’s New Album Features President Obama Freestyling On A Trump Diss Track


Los Angeles, CA—

Jay-Z surprised the music world Sunday with the announcement of a new album drop, but news of the release immediately went viral following the disclosure of a featured artist on one of the tracks.

On a song entitled “Trump Card,” Jay-Z’s collaborator is none other than President Barack Obama, and the recording is a lengthy diss track.

This is Mr. Obama’s musical debut, and a Jay-Z spokesperson confirmed that the song was recorded in one take.

“We sat the President down in the studio and—hand to God—he just started going for 18 minutes straight,” said Shamir Jones, producer of the track along with two others on the album. “It was just going to be a warmup test, but I’ve been thanking God I hit ‘record’ every day for the last month because Obama was on fire. Some of these rhymes the President was spitting are downright brutal. We didn’t even bother trying a second take.”

While Obama has respected the precedent of avoiding public disputes with his successor, many of his legislative accomplishments and much of his legacy have been maligned by Trump’s agenda in office so far.

“The collaboration was Jay-Z’s idea, but the song subject and track title were actually all Obama,” said Jones. “Let’s just say that, since leaving office, Mr. Obama has had some creative differences with Trump.”

Jay-Z’s production team has released one excerpt from the track:

“…I got the economy out of its slump, lying about me comes President Trump, more like resident Chump, fighting Taft for President Plump, I’ve had dumps more relevant, executively benevolent, turds more elegant with brain cells more evident, Russian eruptions of corruption less prevalent…”

“I swear to God, I have never listened to a diss track more spectacular and show-stopping than this diss track,” explained Jay-Z.

(Photo courtesy of dcblog.)

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