Trump Claims Comey Tape Lie Was Told On Opposite Day, So It’s Totally Not Impeachable


President Donald Trump’s political capital has once again become victim to his own dishonesty, and Mr. Trump’s latest lie, regarding the existence of secret White House recordings of his meeting with former-FBI Director James Comey, has done deep damage to his credibility.

Mr. Trump took to Twitter this morning in a three-tweet thread at 3:48am to try and explain the public relations mess, but his tweets, as usual, only inspired more controversy.

“Once again the dishonest media is on a witch hunt. What they’re not telling you is that my ‘tapes’ comment was told on Opposite Day!”

“Everyone knows that on Opposite Day you have to look like you’re telling a lie in order to tell the truth. But the MSM won’t tell you that!”

“So it’s totally not impeachable! Loser Dems and the MSM will never be fair—that’s the real collusion! Bad AND sad!”

The White House communications staff could not be reached for an official statement at time of publishing, but The Halfway Post did receive a comment from a disgruntled White House aide who requested anonymity in order to discuss internal workings of the White House.

“This whole situation is a clusterfuck,” said the aide. “The White House prepared a whole PR strategy based on Trump’s previous comments that he was bluffing in order to make Comey tell the truth in his hearings, but once against Trump is up at 4am for who knows why and fucks the whole thing up! Opposite Day? This is why Sean Spicer’s job is literally impossible. How do you professionally defend the idea that the President did a stupid thing and threatened the FBI director—a legitimately impeachable offense by the way—because it was Opposite Day? Trump is mentally a 6-year-old.”

Unsurprisingly, the political punditry world has pounced on the statement, and cable news has been covering the early morning tweets all day.

*This story is developing.*

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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