Texas Repeals Open-Carry Laws Immediately After Black Citizens Exercise Second Amendment Rights


Austin, TX—

After a local Black Lives Matter group organized an open-carry parade downtown in support of Texas’ nationally lax interpretation of the Second Amendment, the very next day the state legislature voted on and passed the Texas Gun Control For Concerned Citizens Act which immediately made Texan gun control laws some of the strictest in the nation.

The speed of the successful legislative effort has caught the nation’s Second Amendment advocates completely by surprise, who had heretofore considered the Texas legislature a loyal ally to the cause of libertarian gun laws.

“I think the Texas legislature has made a big mistake,” said National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre, who has helped fight for decades against gun control measures such as the one Texas just passed into law. “The Second Amendment is crystal clear that there should be no infringement upon gun rights whatsoever in America, especially if you ignore the wording about ‘well-regulated’ and ‘militias.’”

Even supporters of the new gun control law have been stunned by the speed with which their goals have been achieved.

“This really came out of left field,” said Joan Jimenez, president of the gun control group Texans For Smarter Gun Laws. “I mean, the law that the legislature just passed goes far beyond what even we were advocating.”

However, the timing of the bill has attracted much controversy, following right on the heels of the Black Lives Matter open-carry parade.

“It’s pretty obvious what motivated this law’s sudden passage,” said Democratic lawmaker Richard Dewson, the minority party whip in the Texas legislature. “Once again, it suggests that our Republican colleagues across the aisle are not entirely fair when it comes to racial matters. The message the Republican Party has sent in crafting this legislation as a response to black people utilizing their open-carry rights is that the GOP only intended for unfettered gun rights to apply to white people. Even though I wholeheartedly voted for the bill as means to protect Texans from irresponsibly nonexistent gun regulations, I am troubled by the stench of racism coming from it.”

Spokesperson Tim Deacon for the Texan Republican Party Committee denied allegations that the law had anything to do with yesterday’s Black Lives Matter gun-toting rally.

“We’ve, uh, just had a change of heart recently, and, uh, we’ve become aware of unintended consequences of loose Texan gun laws, but we can assure you that race played no part in this decision,” Deacon said in a press conference following the vote.

(Photo courtesy of JD Hancock.)

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