Idaho Is Really Sick Of Your “Hoe” Jokes

(Photo courtesy of Ken Lund.)

The state of Idaho is a rather obscure one, having a low population and a somewhat uninteresting geographical location, but Idahoans are reportedly sick of the rare attention they receive on account of the last syllable of their beloved state’s name.

“Contrary to popular comic belief, this state is not filled with ‘hoes,’” said Idahoan Governor Frank Heckman. “And, frankly, we wish the rest of America would get their minds out of the gutter.”

Governor Heckman requested that more out-of-staters recognize Idaho for it’s other attributes, like its farming.

“Idaho is an awesome, diverse state, and we have more potatoes and empty, sparse land per square mile than almost any other state,” Heckman said. “And I promise all the fine readers of The Halfway Post that our women aren’t ‘hoes,’ but upstanding women of virtue with only moderate vices.”

However, some Idahoans felt that the number of hoes in their state was too low.

“Honestly, I wish this state did have more hoes,” said Randy Holms, a resident of St. Claire, population: 70. “There’s more livestock here than people, so options are a little limited. Sometimes you have to lower your standards a bit…”

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