Eric Trump Put Up Two Bob Marley Posters In His Man Cave


In a decor choice shown off on an Instagram post, Eric Trump apparently hung up two Bob Marley posters in his house’s “man cave.”

“The man cave just got even sicker!” he tweeted this afternoon with a photo of him standing between the two red, gold and green posters and wearing a skull cap with fake dreadlocks sewn into it.

A Halfway Post reporter dropped by Eric’s office in Trump Tower for a brief interview about the posters while he ate lunch, and the President’s son was eager to discuss his latest man cave upgrade.

“The posters were a great deal,” he said, “I found them for $7.99 each at the mall. And I even talked the cashier into giving me a plastic bag to hold them for free. Art of the deal, man.”

When the Halfway Post staff reporter asked Eric if he had ever smoked weed before, he paused for a moment to consider his words carefully.

“This might be hard to believe knowing me, but, like, I haven’t ever been officially offered any—like, at parties in college people would promise me they’d let me toke it up with them, but then they’d all disappear for a half hour and come back and be like ‘Dude, we looked everywhere but couldn’t find you,’ and then I’d be like ‘I was right here the whole time, guys,’ and they’d be like ‘Oh, crap man, we’re gonna go in the other room for a bit, but you stay right here and don’t leave and we’ll know where to find you for the next time,’ but then they’d forget about me again. I mean, surely you’ve heard that Mary Jane makes you totally forgetful right? But yeah, if ever given the opportunity I would totally rip a bong or light a doobie.”

Our staff reporter then pulled out a pre-rolled joint from his pocket and offered to light up in the office with the rationale that since Eric Trump is the boss he can do whatever he wants, right? But Eric Trump declined the offer.

“Actually, I’d totally love to, but this company’s drug policy is zero tolerance,” he said while his face turned a bight red. “It’s a real bummer.”

When our staff reporter suggested Mr. Trump adopt the Rastafarian mantra of “fuck it,” Eric revealed that the office he was using wasn’t actually his, but was really his father’s, who would be really, really mad if he knew there had been weed in it.

Our staff reporter lit up anyway, and walked out of the building, leaving Eric, presumably, freaking out about how to get the smell of weed out of the President’s curtains.

(Photo courtesy of Rich Girad.)

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