Nobel Peace Prize Offered To Any Republican Willing To Admit Trump Is Awful, Support Impeachment


In a rare statement from the Nobel Committee, the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize has been offered, ahead of actual deliberations, to the first Republican senator or congressperson to publicly accuse President Donald Trump of treason and call for impeachment.

So far, no Republican member of Congress has acted on the offer, though several have come close.

Senators John McCain, Ben Sasse, and Lindsey Graham have all given quotes to the media strongly condemning President Trump’s actions and tweets, but none have yet actually done anything about their alleged disgust in the President’s awful personal conduct.

Least likely to win this “Nobel race” of sorts are Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who have been in top positions to repudiate President Trump’s terrible personality for two years now, yet haven’t. Speaker Ryan likes to shift journalists’ questions on Trump to the subject of Obamacare repeal, and Majority Leader McConnell has yet to issue any statement on President Trump’s horrendous existence at all.

The Nobel Committee has noted how unanticipated this prize “race” is, and how it undermines the typical selection process, but they agree that the times demand it.

“The damage President Trump is doing to the world is unprecedented,” said the Nobel Committee in a collective statement to The Halfway Post. “And, seriously, if one single Republican member of Congress will grow a pair and put country ahead of party, we will literally give them the Peace Prize and its million dollar cash prize.”

As of time of publishing, no Republican had done what is obviously the right thing to do.

(Photo courtesy of Adam Baker.)

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