Donald Trump Secretly Gets Liposuction, Insists His “Fat Photos” Are Fake News By Haters


President Donald Trump is throwing “Fake News” bombs once again, this time regarding photos that allegedly make him look fat.

Mr. Trump reportedly underwent a liposuction operation last week, and dramatically slimmed down his waistline. Trump took last week off from public events in order to recover from the operation, and new photos from a presidential golf outing at his North Carolina golf course yesterday afternoon revealed a startlingly slimmer Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump’s combative relationship with the media has been on display once again amidst the coverage of Trump’s sudden weight loss, with Trump denying having had any liposuction done at all in an early morning Twitter barrage:

“The failing loser NYTimes is once again publishing #fakenews about me. The “fat photos” have all been doctored. So sad, don’t believe!” Trump tweeted this morning at 4:17am.

“Everyone knows I’ve always been in the best shape! People tell me all the time I look amazing. Never been above 140 lbs!” Trump tweeted at 4:25am.

“But even if I did get lipo (which I definitely didn’t) I wouldn’t have to get very much! I bet Mika and Joe are behind this vicious rumor,” he tweeted at 4:37am.

“I’m not fat, I’m just big boned. Never before has a president been treated so unfairly by the media! They hate that we’re MAGA!” he tweeted at 5:08am.

“My head is in no way disproportionate to my body, I have the most” he tweeted at 5:16am, apparently prematurely. As of time of publishing, there have been no other tweets since.

Whatever you say, Mr. President.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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