Supreme Court Rules That Trump Erasing Obama’s Presidency Means Obama Can Run Again In 2020


Washington D.C.—

In a landmark Supreme Court case, five justices to four decided that if President Donald Trump erases his predecessor Barack Obama’s presidency, then President Obama can constitutionally run for president again in 2020.

The winning legal argument that convinced swing-Justice Anthony Kennedy to join with the Court’s liberal judges insisted that President Trump’s efforts to entirely cancel everything Obama did while in office meant that, from a legal standpoint, Obama had effectively never been president at all. If Trump continues to reverse every decision or policy direction Obama pursued, Obama would be legally allowed to run for a third election since, technically, the first two wouldn’t count anymore.

The decision sent major shockwaves throughout the political world, though no one was more shocked or alarmed than President Trump. Earlier today Mr. Trump took to Twitter to suddenly announce that he no longer thought repealing Obamacare was such a good idea.

“On second thought, Obamacare is beautiful and it is no longer failing thanks to my public support for it throughout ’16,” he tweeted an hour after the Supreme Court’s decision was announced.

Following Trump’s sudden reversal, Fox News’ Sean Hannity spent an hour on his radio show explaining how Obamacare wasn’t so bad after all, and denied vehemently ever being against it.

“The ACA is a wonderful, market-based system for healthcare, and I for one don’t know why the Republican Party has ever tried to cancel it,” Hannity said. “I’ve always supported Obamacare, and, since we’re keeping it, there’s no reason at all for Obama to consider running again. Obamacare is so great, I just bought four separate plans for myself because I want to prove to everyone in America that Obamacare is great and definitely not going to be erased. That’s right, Mr. Obama, no reason to come to Washington D.C., your presidency will not be erased.”

Michelle Obama offered a brief comment following the stunning Supreme Court decision: “F*** no Barack is not running again! If I even think for a second that he’s considering it, I’m going to end him.”

(Photo courtesy of Daniel Borman.)

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