In Rare Display Of Journalistic Integrity, Breitbart News Changes Name To “Nazi Bitch News”


St. Louis, MO—

Breitbart News has displayed its first action of journalistic integrity in several years by renaming itself “Nazi Bitch News” to reflect its racist world views and wildly undeserved victim-complex.

Breitbart News was run by Stephen Bannon, current xenophobic executive advisor to President Donald Trump, after its titular founder, Andrew Breitbart, died in 2012. It has since been operated to push a stupid narrative that white males lead such hard lives handicapped by the oppressive discrimination that is social equality.

The name change will be effective starting next week, and, from now on, all Nazi Bitch News writers are going to be required to author their rough drafts with tear drop ink from tears that fall from their eyes because America is now unambiguously (but unfairly in their minds) waking up to the idea that all Nazis and Alt-Right Nazi wannabes should get punched and fired from their jobs.

The logo will remain the same, with a “B” inside an orange box, but, starting next week, the “B” will refer to the word “Bitch” rather than “Breitbart.”

Part of the name change comes from the realization that Alt-Right dickheads have been crying wolf over discrimination for years, despite the fact that the demographic of white males living in America have faced the least oppression in all of human history.

However, now that Alt-Right neo-Nazis are demonstrating and protesting in public without their traditional KKK hoods, pictures of their faces are going viral and subjecting these make-believing Nazis to their very first taste of discrimination, and it’s making them very upset. Hence the Nazi Bitch name change.

So from now on, don’t call Nazi Bitch News by its old name, Breitbart News—remember that they admit they are Nazi bitches now.

(Photo courtesy of Nazi Bitch News.)

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