White Christians Conspicuously Haven’t Been Blaming Natural Disasters On The US President Since January


St. Louis, MO—

A subtle change in white Christian Evangelicals’ rhetoric has been noticeable since Election 2016: they’re not blaming the US president for natural disasters anymore.

For eight years, white Evangelicals blamed President Obama for every destructive occurrence of natural phenomenon, but, since President Trump took over in January, they don’t seem to be as focused blaming weather on the executive branch anymore.

“Now that a Republican is in office, we’re shifting gears a bit,” said televangelist Arnold Stoop. “Since Donald Trump took over, we’ve instructed our congregations to go back to blaming just gays for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, forest fires, etc. Blaming a white president for nature’s violence just doesn’t play well with our white, conservative congregants, and the whole AntiChrist thing isn’t believable when the president isn’t black. We’re just trying to keep our religious messages relatable, you know?”

Some Evangelical church goers were relieved that they wouldn’t have to blame President Trump for Hurricane Harvey.

“I know Trump isn’t perfect,” said local Trump voter Ernie Tabold. “I mean he blatantly admitted that he sexually assaults women; he steals money from the people who work for him and with him, and uses endless litigation to get out of paying his debts; he barely disguises his racism and xenophobia; he lies to the American people on a daily basis about things that can easily be fact-checked; but I am confident that God personally intervened in the election via Vladimir Putin to put Trump in office. Trump is the kind of president God wants: a white male.”

The irony has not been lost on critics of Mr. Trump and the Religious Right.

(Picture courtesy of NOAA.)

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