Georgia Republicans Create A Gerrymandered District With Literally Every Black Voter In It

1024px-Map_of_Georgia_NAAtlanta, GA—

Republicans are at the ol’ gerrymandering game again, this time in Georgia.

Using a state-of-the-art computer analysis program, Republicans have cut and diced the state’s districting map to maximize electoral power for the Republican Party by cramming literally every resident of color into just one district.

The computerized precision has created a new District 4 like a web of strings so that the district is not geographically confined like the others, and instead includes voters from every corner of the state—if they’re Hispanic, black or Asian.

Even interracial couples’ houses are split up, so that a black wife is counted in district 4 while her white husband is counted in another.

The districting scheme earned immediate lawsuits from civil liberty groups, but Republican lawmakers in the Georgia legislature insist they’ve done nothing illegal.

“This district is completely fair,” said GA State Representative Arnold Whitman. “You want to talk about unfair? Let’s talk about the fact that this district full of minorities will vote somewhere in the upper 90 percentile for Democrats. Especially now that they might get upset about us explicitly segregating them electorally. Is it fair for black people to never vote for Republicans simply because we regularly pass legislation that seems intentionally designed to exclude them from the benefits and privileges white people have? How about we let black people into more than one district when they start voting for Republicans 50% of the time? And don’t even get me started on Hispanics! They should hardly be allowed to vote at all because they’re biased against Trump and Republicans for trying to deport their family members and putting their babies alone in cages for months at a time. Frankly, it’s racist for voters of color to profile me when they see the ‘R’ next to my name and immediately think of me as a second-class politician!”

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(Picture courtesy of de.Wikipedia.)

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