Georgia Republicans Create A Gerrymandered District With Literally Every Black Voter In It

1024px-Map_of_Georgia_NAAtlanta, GA—

Georgia Republicans are at the ol’ gerrymandering game again, this time creating a new Congressional district that has been gerrymandered to include literally every black person who resides in the state.

The districting scheme uses a state-of-the-art computer analysis program that has cut and diced the state to maximize electoral power for the Republican Party.

The computerized precision has gerrymandered District 6 like a web of strings so that district 6 is not geographically confined like the others, and instead includes voters from every corner of the state—if they’re black. Even interracial couples’ houses are split up, so that a black wife is counted in district 6 while the white husband is counted in another.

The districting scheme earned immediate lawsuits from civil liberty groups, but Republican lawmakers in the Georgian legislature insist they’ve done nothing illegal.

“This district is so fair,” said Georgia representative Arnold Whitman. “You want to talk about unfair? Let’s talk about the fact that this black people district will vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. Is it fair for black people to never vote for Republicans simply because we are entirely uninterested in issues that matter to them, and because we regularly pass legislation that seems intentionally designed to exclude them from the rights and privileges white people have? How about we let black people into more than one district when they start voting for Republicans 50% of the time?”

Democratic lawmakers in the state were outraged by the gerrymandering.

“It is so obvious that this districting scheme is blatantly racist,” said Democratic Georgia senator Kirby Martin. “The GOP has some serious race issues that we cannot ignore any longer. And it isn’t just Georgia. Look at Congressional districting maps of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin. Any state that’s even remotely close to being a swing state, Republicans have fucked up. It’s criminal. And typically the easiest and most effective way to gerrymander a state is to draw the district boundaries according to racial demographics because the Republican Party in Georgia has virtually no outreach to ethnic minorities. Meanwhile, Republicans have outsized Congressional majorities inside state legislatures across the nation and in the US House of Representatives because of this, even though Republicans have lost the national popular vote six times out of the last seven presidential elections. Literally, that sounds preposterous, but it’s 100% true. Out of the last seven elections, the only time Republicans have won the popular vote was George W. Bush’s victory in 2004. The gerrymandering is so bad that Democrats typically win at least a million more House votes than Republicans in elections, but still can lose representation. And it’s because of these gerrymandered districts that Republicans created in order to pick their voters rather than let the people pick their representatives. And don’t get me started on the Electoral College, which shares the natural geographic gerrymandering via small, rural states of the US Senate. The fact of the matter is that Republicans don’t deserve the outsized governmental power they have. Fuck Republicans’ racist, cheating, gerrymandered districts!”

Strong words, senator, but you’re not wrong.

(Picture courtesy of de.Wikipedia.)

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