Republicans Get Taste Of Their Own Medicine On Debt Ceiling Raise, And Absolutely Hate It


Washington D.C.—

For eight years while the POTUS was a Democrat, Republicans turned into existential enemies of raising the debt ceiling so that the government could continue to operate and not shut down. They demanded awful budget concessions, during a Great Recession no less, and stalled US economic recovery efforts.

Don’t even get us started on the sequester deal that was designed to have such terrible budget cuts that Congress would HAVE to come to a budget agreement, but Republicans still couldn’t put America’s interest ahead of their own short-term political gain and the GOP pushed the country off the fiscal cliff.

However, now that the POTUS is a Republican, Republicans think demanding concessions to raise the debt ceiling is “ridiculous” in the words of Paul Ryan, and totally not something with which politics should be played. Lol.

So Democrats took a page out of the Republican playbook, and Republicans are being all snowflakey about it.

“It’s totally unfair that Democrats are doing what we did for eight years,” said Republican Representative Shirley Booker of Nebraska in a meandering comment. “That’s not how the government should operate. Donald Trump did not make a very good deal with Democrats by agreeing to a short, three-month debt ceiling raise, and now Democrats get to once again demand concessions from us Republicans in three months to raise the debt ceiling again after this little extension. I thought he was supposed to be a good dealmaker. Or did he do this purposefully to get back at Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell for some little slight? Maybe it’s something one of them did two years ago and Trump still can’t over it because whatever insult he was victim to has just been simmering in his little narcissistic ego maniac brain and it’s been keeping him up at night burning in a fiery rage yearning to exact vengeance. It’s just so confusing why Trump sided with the Democrats on this issue. I mean he’s a Republican. Well he’s never been a Republican in all his life until he commandeered our party for the self-enrichment of running for president, but it’s like he doesn’t understand how politics works.”

Other Republican lawmakers blamed the House Freedom Caucus and extreme Tea Party-associated Senators.

“Ultra-conservative Republicans are ruining our legislative agenda and Congressional strategies,” said Republican Representative Davey York of Louisiana. “How can we make a tough deal with Democrats when they keep threatening to block even Republicans from keeping the government operating and functioning like a rational country. The GOP has long pretended to hate the government for political gain, but they actually loathe government to the point where they don’t even want a fully-controlled Republican government to stay open. They’re nuts! They’re gonna make Ryan and McConnell need Democratic votes to pass some of the most important bills on the agenda, and bipartisanship is the GOP’s absolute sworn enemy. We like to blame Democrats, but we would all rather see America burn to the ground sooner than we would admit that Democrats are right about nearly every issue and that only Democrats are working in the interest of working class voters, all minorities, and everyone else who isn’t a super rich CEO of a company who plans on extracting yet more wealth to hoarde through some combination of absurd tax cuts and safety regulation repeals—wait is that a tape recorder? Are you a journalist??”

(Picture courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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