Donald Trump Tells His Rally Crowd That He Loves When Sean Hannity Calls Him “Daddy”


Bismarck, ND—

In a too-much-information kind of situation, President Donald Trump told his rally crowd in Bismarck, North Dakota, “I love it when Sean Hannity calls me ‘daddy’ during our phone call conversations.”

The comment came only a few minutes after Mr. Trump said the same thing about his daughter, Ivanka Trump, who joined him on the stage in a really weird, gross father-daughter moment.

“Sean and I are great friends—great friends,” Trump said. “We talk a lot, Sean and I do. Sometimes we have dinner together. He thinks I’m very bold, maybe the boldest president we’ve ever had. He affectionately calls me a ‘bear.’ But we talk a lot, we talk. He wants to campaign with me, but he can’t because of his media contract, you know? Fox News won’t let him. He has to appear impartial—and he is. Sean’s not fake news. Nope. Sean’s not like CNN. Sean loves when I talk about CNN. He says I’m like America’s step-dad. Coming into the family, taking charge. Sean says I’m like a big step-dad bear. He even jokes sometimes—he says ‘Is it alright if I call you daddy?’ And I say it’s alright. I don’t mind nicknames, I’m a really humble guy, you know? I love nicknames. I prefer ‘Donald J. Trump,’ but nicknames are nice. I like nicknames. With some exceptions. Not the ‘Short-Fingered Vulgarian,’ but most other nicknames. So Sean calls me daddy when we call each other, and it’s like our little inside joke. And we talk while I eat my ice cream. Sean’s a big joker—joking all the time. He’ll say, ‘Mr. President, what are you wearing right now?’ and I’ll say ‘the same thing as always, Sean,’ and he’ll laugh, I’ll laugh. It’s fun—what a great guy. The best journalist there is.”

The audience was quiet, and there was a moment of silence as the audience contemplated the multiple homosexual clues in that story.

And then Trump changed subjects to Hurricane Irma and how “tremendous” the crowd sizes were in his Texas photo-op events.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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