The Government Seems To Be Running A Bit More Smoothly Since Chief-Of-Staff John Kelly Took Over As President


Washington D.C.—

Since John Kelly took over as Chief-of-Staff for President Trump, and effectively began pushing out the unstable personalities in the group—such as Stephen Bannon, Omarosa Manigault, & Anthony Scaramucci—and tightly managing what information is relayed to Trump, the government really seems to be functioning alright.

In fact, President Trump has even recently offered himself up to legitimate policy discussions with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Maybe when GOP Party people aren’t around Trump is actually a Democrat. It’s probably just that he agrees with whoever talked to him last, and the tides of his political focus will inevitably change, but it is fun watching the Trump base squirm while Trump talks about DACA protections, and holding off on the wall. Hehe.

Despite being the minority party, Democrats are suddenly more effective than the bumbling Obamacare repeal clowns in the Republican Party. It’s a bit conspicuous that the Republican Party doesn’t know how to legislate cohesively, and doesn’t have a real agenda anyway. Eight long years of obstructive poor sportsmanship and minority-party hyper partisanship did not teach Republicans what to do with full government control. But their ideas are not congruent with reality, so it’s a good thing.

So thanks for the chief-of-staffing, Mr. Kelly. You’ve already made an obvious difference in the chill-level of the executive branch. Keep going, and we here at The Halfway Post are certain you’ll make a fine president.

(Picture courtesy of US Coast Guard Academy.)

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