Trump Hopes His Presidency Can Last Until April 1st So He Can Claim It All Was An Elaborate April Fool’s Joke, Quit


Washington D.C.—

In a phone conversation with a White House aide, who requested anonymity to candidly discuss sensitive Oval Office deliberations, The Halfway Post learned that one of President Donald Trump’s ideas to combat the Russia collusion scandal was to merely try to last as president until April 1st of 2018 in order to claim his disastrous and scandal-plagued presidency was simply an elaborate April Fool’s prank.

“Trump was on the phone with former-adviser Steve Bannon, and, by the look of Trump’s reaction, Bannon did not like the idea,” said the White House aide. “Trump just started saying ‘I was only kidding’ over and over in a kind of pleading manner. Trump often does earn himself Bannon’s scorn for voicing some of his more creative ideas on how to play the political game. One time, in the beginning, Bannon yelled at Trump for a half hour straight when Trump suggested that they just let Mike Pence do everything for four years because the presidency turned out for Trump to be way harder and lamer than he originally expected it to be. Bannon screamed that Mike Pence did not have the balls to usher in a Fourth Reich, and then Trump complained saying that if he was going to be any Reich, he should be the First Reich, and certainly not the lowly Fourth Reich.”

Mr. Bannon then hung up the phone on the President.

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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