Michael Cohen Helped Trump Throw Everyone Under The Bus, But Never Thought It’d Happen To Him!


Washington D.C.—

It finally happened after years of loyalty: Donald Trump has thrown Michael Cohen under the bus.

The President told reporters he had no knowledge that his personal lawyer Michael Cohen had drafted the nondisclosure agreement with his adult film star mistress Stormy Daniels and paid her $130,000 in hush money. “You’ll have to ask Michael Cohen,” Trump said. “Michael is my attorney. You’ll have to ask Michael.”

This is of course very bad for Mr. Cohen professionally, as he could very well lose his law license for going behind his client’s back and operating in secrecy, but it is also bad news for Mr. Trump as well, who is involved in the lawsuit Ms. Daniels is currently litigating in order to tell her story of what happened in the affair with Mr. Trump.

Due to this latest development it is suddenly much more likely that Mr. Cohen and even Trump himself will be forced into a deposition rather than the arbitration proceedings they were hoping for with the Daniels lawsuit because the original nondisclosure agreement is effectively invalid. Trump can use the deposition to further and officially throw Mr. Cohen under the bus, but the bigger issue for Trump is what Stormy Daniels has to say about their affair when the legal wrangling is over.

Which makes it interesting that Trump would throw his personal lawyer under the bus for something so trivial as claiming he didn’t know about the effort to bully his accuser quiet. It’s probably not true, of course, that Trump knew nothing about the NDA, yet it’s a peculiar bridge for Trump to refuse to cross given that the entire world knows now that the affair—which Trump has previously denied, though, atypically, refused to comment on—actually happened.

And the Stormy Daniels scandal is hardly the only controversy engulfing Trump’s life and presidency in turmoil. Amidst the humiliation of Trump’s brazenly corrupt political career circling closer and closer to the drain of impeachment and imprisonment for his unprecedented treasonous trade of national security and national legitimacy for personal profit in Russian roubles—which Cohen is helping Trump obstruct justice in lying about—Trump is throwing Michael Cohen under the bus for a relative white lie about about a tryst with an adult film star.

Ultimately, however, Michael Cohen has no one to blame but himself for not figuring this would someday happen. Mr. Trump expects loyalty, but gives none in return.

(Picture courtesy of IowaPolitics.com)

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