Mike Pence Once Paid $100 In Hush Money To A Woman He Made Eye Contact With


Washington D.C.—

Amidst President Donald Trump’s plethora of suffocating personal scandals involving nondisclosure agreements, hush money, and intimidating threats of violence and lawsuits, Vice President Mike Pence now has one of his own.

According to Halfway Post sources, in 2014 Mr. Pence’s personal attorney Robin Wade paid an unnamed woman $100 in hush money on an airplane then-Governor Mike Pence was riding home on to Indiana from a Governors’ Association meeting in Washington D.C.

In one salacious account of the incident, Mr. Pence allegedly made eye contact with the woman from across the airplane aisle, and held eye contact for a full two seconds.

The woman reportedly agreed to accept the money in exchange for never speaking of the incident to anyone, especially to Mr. Pence’s family.

Neither Pence nor the Office of the Vice President have responded to requests for a comment.

[This story is developing.]

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