White House IT Guy Reveals Mike Pence’s Browser History Is Filled With Google Searches For “Michael Avenatti Shirtless”


Washington D.C.—

Vice President Mike Pence keeps up a Christian, goody two-shoes persona, but a White House janitor, who for obvious reasons requested anonymity, delivered this morning to The Halfway Post proof that Mr. Pence’s outspoken fundamentalist homophobia may be just a façade.

The evidence provided was a series of screenshots of what appears to be Mr. Pence’s browser history.

The following is a list of the Vice President’s Google searches yesterday:

“Michael Avenatti”

“Michael Avenatti tuxedo”

“Michael Avenatti with hair”

“Michael Avenatti buff”

“Michael Avenatti ripped”

“Michael Avenatti flexing”

“Michael Avenatti shirtless”

“Michael Avenatti swimsuit”

“Michael Avenatti glutes”

“Michael Avenatti jean short cutoffs”

“Michael Avenatti sweatpants with a bulge”

“Michael Avenatti speedo”

“Michael Avenatti speedo with a bulge”

“Michael Avenatti greased up and flexing”

“Michael Avenatti eating a banana”

“Can straight men be attracted to men too?”

“Is gay therapy real?”

“Does gay therapy work?”

“How to pray away the gay”

“Were there any other gay vice presidents?”

James Buchanan gay?

“Michael Avenatti deep-throating a popsicle with a bulge”


(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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