Sean Hannity Said His Favorite Black Leader Is Stanley From “The Office”

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

New York City, NY—

Fox News opinionator Sean Hannity produced a special program on his favorite leaders in the black community throughout history, but his choices raised many political pundits’ eyebrows.

His number one choice was the character Stanley Hudson from the famous television show The Office.

“I just think Stanley did so much for black folks,” explained Hannity in an interview he conducted with himself in a voice-over during the special program. “Stanley was a lovable character who kept to himself and didn’t always try to rock the boat or cram political-correctness down our throats. Colin Kaepernick should try being more like Stanley. Kaepernick’s kneeling protest seems like it’s totally harmless, and seems like it doesn’t personally inconvenience anyone in the slightest way, but that’s why it’s so racist and anti-the-troops! I’m not sure if Stanley ever did any protesting of police violence or social inequality, but that’s why he’s such an effective black leader on issues like civil rights! Stanley was never divisive! Kaepernick would be such a better icon for justice and equality if he didn’t visibly or audibly protest in any way that was perceptible to white people. Martin Luther King Jr. was of course a great man in history, but imagine how much more legendary he’d be today if he had never made any white people uncomfortable! Maybe we’d have two or even three Martin Luther King, Jr.-themed holidays if he had avoided his sit-ins, marches and boycotts, and just waited patiently for Southern white people to desegregate the South all on their own!”

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