Trump Is Jealous Obama Got “Easy Ebola” While He Got “Way Harder Coronavirus”

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump is reportedly upset he’s being criticized over his handling of the coronavirus, which is quickly turning into a global pandemic.

Mr. Trump is also angry that media pundits are contrasting his administration’s slow and bumbling containment efforts with the quick and decisive efforts President Barack Obama’s administration took to stop Ebola from becoming a global pandemic several years ago.

Trump published his jealousy on Twitter this morning in the following series of tweets:

“The Fake News is saying I’ve bungled the handling of coronavirus, and that appointing Mike Pence to lead the medical efforts is a political smokescreen to hide my administration’s incompetence, but that could not be further from the truth! The Fake News won’t admit how perfect everything I’ve done is!”

“The deranged Democrats are doing another hoax, this time saying Obama handled pandemics better than me, but that’s not fair because Ebola was so much easier than coronavirus. Obama got the easy one, which I could have totally done better with my eyes closed! Besides, Obama is Kenyan, and Ebola was from Africa, so obviously Obama had an unfair home field advantage!”

“The coronavirus is from China, so way more foreign and difficult because I’m not Chinese! The coronavirus is a hundred times harder than Ebola! But it also proves once and for all that my trade war is working! The Chinese economy got it first because their immune systems were so much weakened by my tariffs that THEY were paying for (not Americans, despite what Fake News economists will tell you!)”

“But VP Pence will not let you down! And if he does I’ll just replace him with a new VP who will be even better! So direct all criticism to Mike, unless we’re able to contain the coronavirus and it doesn’t go viral here. In that case, thank President Trump who knows more about pandemics than all the experts. Way more than Obama! I bet Ebola was just a hoax to make me look bad!”

“Black voters should remember that Ebola only affected black people in Africa, just like Obama never did as much as I’ve done to lower black unemployment. So why do Democrats call ME racist?? The coronavirus will infect EVERYONE, not just black people. So the blacks should vote for me in November because my pandemics don’t discriminate like Obama’s did!”

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4 thoughts

  1. It’s too much to say about this President they picked, I certainly didn’t waste my vote, nevertheless something is Seriously Wrong with Trump this man is Sick somebody help him! He’s cause enough damage. America is not Great right now he’s destroying what we have he’s not a president he’s a business man, and have no business in the White House! God help us!


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