Donald Trump Jr. Called Joe Biden “Mentally Libtarded”

New York City, NY—

Donald Trump Jr., third-generation-rich son of the current President, called former Vice President Joe Biden “mentally libtarded” on Twitter this morning in a series of tweets.

The following is his Twitter thread:

“Joe Biden is losing his marbles! Everyone can see it. He’s totally lost his mind! Not like my father, who has never once said anything that made him sound like an idiot! My father’s uncle went to MIT, so there’s no way he has any cognitive decline! In fact, my dad is cognitively RECLINING!”

“And Joe Biden’s hair looks totally fake! Unlike my dad’s hair, which is totally real! I bet if Joe Biden got elected, his staff would have to schedule hours of ‘executive time‘ every morning so Biden can arrange his hair delicately to hide that he’s balding! Unlike my dad, who only uses his executive hours to read complex policy papers and memorize the Bible!”

“And talk about Biden’s skin color! There’s no way he’s that tan normally! I bet he uses makeup. Sometimes you can see that he doesn’t get all the way to his hairline. What an idiot! My father is all natural, and his eye lids are only 75 shades lighter than the rest of his face because he doesn’t blink much when golfing. He can’t win so much for America if he’s always blinking!”

“And have you ever listened to Joe Biden talk? It’s so annoying! He could use some talking lessons from my father! My dad has the biggest vocabulary in America, he just dumbs down his speech so Joe Biden can understand him! The reason my dad uses basic superlative language and calls everything ‘bad,’ ‘tremendous,’ ‘the best,’ and ‘the worst’ is because of Joe…”

“…NOT because he’s a moron incapable of explaining complex issues because he doesn’t understand them! My dad is no idiot like those traitorous rats Mattis, McMaster, Kelly, Cohn, Tillerson, Bannon, Cohen, Mnuchin and Priebus have all claimed! They’re the idiots with fifth grade intellects, not my dad! None of them had uncles who taught at MIT, only my dad!”

“And Joe Biden is liberal, so how smart can he be? It’s only a fluke that virtually all the experts in every field take the liberal view on the multi-faceted, nuanced issues they’ve spent their entire professional careers studying! Same with the Fake News! It’s obviously a conspiracy when all the fact checkers who rigorously investigate politics with intense journalistic integrity always take the liberal side of debates!”

“So my father is way better than Joe Biden! Biden is a total libtard, who wants everyone to become mentally libtarded like him! You can tell liberalism is stupid because it’s so much harder to make really easy money when Democrats are in office. When Republicans are in office, suddenly the government stops wanting to make sure consumers don’t get cheated, screwed over, sickened, hurt, or lied to! And that’s American freedom!”

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(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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