Trump Called Black People “Riggers” After Claiming Their Vote Was “Rigged Against Him”

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump made several comments that spectators are describing as offensive dog whistles thinly disguised from their obvious intent as racial slurs in a Twitter thread this morning:

“Coronavirus should not have made voters want to vote against me! I’m doing a 10/10 fantastic job on COVID! Why didn’t Black people vote for me when I’ve done so much for them via the black unemployment rating… WAY more than Obama ever did! All he did was try to force them to eat vegetables!”

“No President has ever faced as much reverse-racism as me! I got almost no black women votes, and it doesn’t make sense. I didn’t get accused of sexually assaulting any of THEM, and that’s because I respect black women so much, even more than white women because none of them are suing me!”

“I deserved to get at least 50% of the black vote! It’s obvious the black vote is rigged against me. So unfair! You just can’t trust riggers. From now on, I’m going to direct all the companies who got coronavirus bailouts not to hire any riggers because they wouldn’t even thank me if they got hired. Riggers need not apply!”

“And maybe that wouldn’t be enough. Maybe riggers should have separate water fountains because”

The tweet thread ended mysteriously there.

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