Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Jerked Himself Off On A Livestream To Convince God To Cure COVID

Dallas, TX—

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland recently made headlines when he simulated blowing air at his congregants during a church service, which he claimed would cure all his congregants of the coronavirus if they had it.

Mr. Copeland this morning conducted an even bolder stunt, literally stimulating himself on a live stream broadcast to his Facebook followers.

“I invite all of my fellow Christian men around the country to drop their trousers and join me,” said Copeland as he dispensed several pumps of hand lotion into his palm. “Together we can stop the coronavirus if we allow our savior Jesus Christ into our lives by taking His hand in our own and proving to Him our eternal love and trust in Jesus by stroking Him vigorously up and down our most sacred organs as men. If we just make love to the Holy Spirit hard enough, our Father who art in Heaven will stop this deadly pandemic and baptize us once again with good health to bask in His glory and infinite love for us.”

Copeland then opened up a laptop, went to, typed in the words “leather daddies pound young stud compilation,” and proceeded to slowly jerked off for forty-five minutes.

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