Donald Trump Is Now Questioning The Citizenship Of Dr. Fauci

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump today published a wild Twitter thread:

“The Fake News will say it’s my fault so many Americans are on unemployment rolls with no hope for the economy reopening to its former strength because I did the world’s worst job stopping the spread of COVID, but they don’t recognize A+ work when it’s right in front of them!”

“The truth is, I shot myself in the foot politically by not stopping doctors from testing for COVID. If I had, our COVID numbers would be ZERO like I said they’d be! Maybe tens of thousands of people, or even hundreds of thousands would still be dying, but not from COVID!”

“In fact, I’m starting to think Dr. Fauci is trying to sabotage our COVID numbers because he wants our number of deaths to be really high to make me look bad! Is he colluding with China? People are talking, and America wants answers!”

“I have some people looking into Dr. Fauci’s birth certificate, and you’ll never believe what they’re finding! They say that Dr. Fauci’s birth certificate says he was born in China, but that it’s crossed out and someone wrote ‘America’ above it! Hoax? I think so!”

“I have some people in China investigating Dr. Fauci right now, and the things they’re discovering are unbelievable! They say everyone in China remembers going to elementary school with Dr. Fauci, and that the Deep State moved his family to the US decades ago…”

“…To lie dormant until COVID happened so he could increase our testing to make me look bad! Our COVID numbers are in fact the biggest hoax of all time! It’s all just Fake News paid for by Obama and Kamala Harris to hide the fact that neither of them are citizens either!”

Ivanka Trump nip slip

“Oops, disregard that last tweet. I think Barron or Matt Gaetz was playing with my phone and accidentally did that. It totally wasn’t me. I’d never be sexually attracted to my daughter (though if she weren’t my daughter she’d be so into me!)”

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