Poll: 73% Of Trump Voters Believe COVID-19 Began Under Joe Biden’s Watch

Washington D.C.—

According to the latest Gallupinniac poll, a large majority of Trump voters believe Joe Biden was president when COVID-19 hit America.

Some of the poll’s other findings:

  • 41% of Trump voters believe Nancy Pelosi keeps a vial of COVID-19 in a little glass bottle on a necklace she wears around her neck.
  • 57% of Trump voters said they would lose all interest in politics if Vice President Mike Pence took over as President in the event of Trump dying from COVID-19.
  • 36% of school children aged 6-10 said they felt “scared” when showed a picture of Trump’s orange face, and another 64% laughed thinking he was a clown.
  • 91% of Obama/Trump voters regretted their vote for Trump, and, of that group, 9% reported subjecting themselves to physical pain in penance for their Trump votes.
  • 32% of Trump voters believe Melania Trump is his first wife.
  • 18% of Trump voters believe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has the ability to turn herself real small and crawl into Joe Biden’s head through his ears and convince him to “do socialism.”
  • 94% of Trump voters think it’s real suspicious only Republicans are getting infected with COVID-19 despite the fact that Democrats are very publicly distancing and wearing masks.

From The Halfway Post vault:

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2 thoughts

  1. I try to filter out inappropriate and scary images from my 9 year old daughter’s tablet, but somehow a picture of Trump wormed its way onto her Kindle.
    I heard my daughter scream, then cry, then oddly enough started laughing. When I ran into the room to try and console her, she cried “scary clown, scary clown…. make it go away!!” I told her that I wish I could, and I/we are trying our best to make him go away. Then she giggled a sort of laugh/cry of relief and then very seriously asked why ‘Pennywise’ eats so many carrots (and [probably] Big Macs)?
    That was 3 days ago, and I still don’t have an answer for her. However, the melatonin is helping with the nightmares, scary flashbacks, and trauma due to that horrifying image squeaking it’s way past the parental controls.
    We can attest that the polls are accurate, through our own personal experience. I shudder to think that this could happen again to another innocent, unsuspecting child. 🤡😲😱


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