Praise for The Halfway Post

The Halfway Post boldly says the quiet part of contemporary Republican politics out loud, cleverly using conservatives’ own disdain for political correctness as a cudgel against their own various ideological excesses, incongruities and redundancies.”

“A masterfully accurate portrait of President Donald Trump, and all his deranged vulgarities.”

“This might be the most scandalous book ever written, certainly the most scandalous I’ve ever read, though I personally delight in the unpretentious badinage of literary degeneracy!”

“No greater proof exists than The Halfway Post that the 1st Amendment’s protections of free speech and creative liberty are far too lenient!”

“Dash MacIntyre is certainly going to Hell, and I look forward to meeting him there and having cocktails over deliberate, affable palaver.”


“This book is chock-full with impregnable mockery of the conspicuous, self-conscious sexual impotency inherent in the fundamentalist repression of sexual and gender equality in contemporary Red State America.”

The Halfway Post has more perspicacious, anonymous sources than any other news company in America, and gets right to the heart of the Trump Administration’s chronically negligent soullessness. There is no better insight into the unorthodox incompetence and grotesque personal idiosyncrasies of the appointees employed in the Trump White House.”

-A perspicacious, anonymous source

“If anyone should be able to take a joke, it’s Me! Whereas many devout worshippers of Mine will be horrified at the collected heretical blasphemies throughout this book, I’m tickled!”


“I’m racist, sexist, and homophobic, and this book makes me look stupid so I hate it.”

“This is the most libtarded book ever written, and I’ve read a few of them so I’d know!”

“This is the book President Trump does not want you to read! I would not be surprised if he sues the author for $5 billion in frivolously alleged damages to the Trump brand, and then drops the lawsuit when it is eventually time for a depositional inquiry into the President’s personal records and finances for fact gathering.”

“I can’t wait until a bunch of forlorn SJW’s addicted to the cheap high of mindless persecution outlaw a bunch of the words and phrases used in this anthology so the far-Left turns on Dash MacIntyre, as liberal-minded as he is, and call him worse than Hitler as they roll out the guillotine and chop off his head.”

“This book is a complete education of politics in the MAGA Trump Era. It captures the zeitgeist of a once great nation collapsing under the weight of cultural narcissism, apathetic citizenship, individualist selfishness, and willful foolishness.”

“It’s unbelievable how many sources The Halfway Post has amassed who will talk so candidly and intimately about the deepest workings of our government. Literally unbelievable.”

“Magnificent satires… astute observations on the politically absurd nature of America in the late 2010s juxtaposed with inescapable references to the meta-modern cacophony of both late-stage capitalism’s egregiously corporatist futility exploiting the last halcyon vestiges of mid-20th Century New Deal idealism, and the burgeoning digital revolution of self-maiming, deconstructive Jacobin identity politics. These puckish fibs reconfigure our society’s hegemonic cultural power dynamics, and offer a tour de force caricature of the excesses of modern federalist aesthetics haunted electorally by competing generational angsts of cross-sectional, Millennial cosmopolitanism on the Left and brutalist, neo-fascist traditionalism on the Right.”

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