Sean Spicer Demoted From Easter Bunny To Reindeer Poop Scooper


In the latest sign of President Donald Trump’s frustration with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the holiday Easter Bunny actor has been downgraded to the person who cleans up reindeer poop during the White House’s annual Christmas celebration.

Mr. Trump has been reportedly considering replacing Mr. Spicer with a new press secretary for the last few weeks, and this demotion may be a sign of a coming Trump decision.

“Sean looked so sad when he received the letter officially documenting his changed holiday character role,” said a White House staffer who request anonymity to protect his friendship with Mr. Spicer. “It really soiled the rest of his day. Sean absolutely loves being the Eastern Bunny, and I could see tears welling up in the corners of his eyes before he sat down on a foot stool for a few minutes with his face buried in his hands.”

Another White House staffer remarked that this was a low blow, even for Trump.

“Poop scooper? How degrading,” the staffer remarked. “I don’t even know why Sean accepted the duty, but he did eagerly. I think Sean thinks that if he shows enthusiasm for such a shitty job it will convince the President to keep him on as press secretary, but, personally, I don’t think it’s worth the feces.”

*This story is developing.*

(Photo courtesy of James H.)

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