Conspiracists Claim NASA Faked D-Day Landing, Nazi Germany Still There


A new conspiracy theory spreading on social media alleges that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) faked the WWII D-Day landing in Normandy, France, and that Nazi Germany is still governing over much of continental Europe.

A frequently shared video entitled “BOMBSHELL: NASA FAKED D-DAY!!!!” claims several clues that suggest the Allied victory over Nazi Germany is all just one big hoax, including the assertion that WWII-era photos have been obviously doctored because the world isn’t, and has never been, black and white.

The video title’s number of exclamation points and use of all capital letters would seem to cast doubt on the conspiracy theory’s validity, but when The Halfway Post reached out to the video’s creator, Jon Reinhold, he insisted that his passion for truth does not cheapen the film’s message.

“The government has been lying to us for centuries, and everyone knows this, so I don’t understand why so many people are such sheep about accepting the government’s account of its WWII battles,” Reinhold said. “Just think about it. The supposed beach landing zones on D-Day are literally named after United States locations like ‘Utah’ and ‘Omaha,’ so it’s just obvious that American troops were never in Europe at all! Those beaches were just giant sound stages in the Midwest, and photographers were in no danger whatsoever to take their photos.”

When the Halfway Post reporter pushed back against this assertion, Reinhold gave many more reasons he was sure that the D-Day landings were faked.

“There is no definitive proof that General Eisenhower ever existed,” he said in the beginning of a rant, to which our reporter just sat back and listened. “I’ve studied all the documents myself, and you can clearly see with the naked eye that every signature Eisenhower supposedly signed could only have been signed years later, after the fact. His whole presidency was a smoke and mirrors sham. And that’s not even the half of it. If you look at photos of the Normandy beaches, there were literally thousands of metal hedgehog obstacles in the surf. If D-Day actually happened, wouldn’t some of those metal obstacles still be there today? There aren’t any. And I mean come on, FDR had polio and lied to the American people about it for years, why would he suddenly start telling the truth about a war America was losing? The fact of the matter is that Nazi Germany was never stopped, Russia surrendered, and now the Nazis run all of Europe with puppet governments that everyone pretends have actual power and self-sovereignty. It’s all a giant conspiracy, and NASA was created with the sole purpose of selling it to the American sheeple.”

When asked if he was aware that NASA wasn’t founded until 1958, Reinhold had a simple answer.

“That’s what they WANT you to believe.”


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(Photo courtesy of Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs Office.)

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