Questions Trump Should Have Been Asked In The Election, But Wasn’t

The following are questions The Halfway Post would like to hear President Donald Trump have to answer in his classic, nonlinear word-vomit:

  • “You said your 2015 tax returns were being audited so you couldn’t release them during the 2016 election, but it has been four years since then so why don’t you release your 2015 tax return today?”
  • “If the Saudis chopped up your son Eric, would you still make excuses for them?”
  • “Who are you trying to fool with your hair?”
  • “Your insistence on not accepting the results of the election…is that because you know you’ll lose?”
  • “What are your two favorite Bible stories, in specific detail?”
  • “What is the difference between Shia and Sunni Muslims?”
  • “Michael Cohen is currently serving a prison sentence for crimes you directed and participated in, how will you plead to those crimes when you’re no longer president and are suddenly indictable again?”
  • “What the f*** is your ObamaCare replacement plan that you said would be cheaper and cover more people than ObamaCare?”
  • “Why do you whine so much about female journalists asking you tough questions?”
  • “Just how many married women HAVE you grabbed by the p***y?”
  • “Which do you regret more, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, or Trump Airlines?”
  • “Why did you betray the Kurds?”
  • “How exactly did you feel when you came home to Melania after banging Stormy Daniels and paying her to be quiet?”
  • “Why did you not fire Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson or James Comey in person yourself?”
  • “Do you regret naming Donald Jr. after yourself?”
  • “Rex Tillerson said he stopped you from repeatedly breaking the law, what were some of those things he stopped you from doing?”
  • “Would you like to publicly apologize for mocking Obama for golfing after you’ve golfed way more?”
  • “Did you threaten Lindsey Graham with blackmail to turn him from a Trump hater to a Trump lover?”
  • “Will you return all the money you stole from the government by choosing unnecessarily to have state events at properties you own?”
  • “Why did Eric and Don Jr. both say on television that your family company gets all its funding from Russia if you claim you have no deals with Russia?”
  • “What message are you trying to convey to women and girls when you repeatedly talk about sex and dating in relation to your daughter Ivanka?
  • “Do you regularly discuss foreign policy at night on the phone when your staff and advisers aren’t around?”
  • “Can you locate on this blank map where Bangladesh is?”
  • “What did you and Putin talk about in your one-on-one meeting?”

From The Halfway Post vault:

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