Donald Trump Claims That Robert Pattinson Would Play Him In A Bio Film During Healthcare Presser


President Donald Trump’s man-crush on actor Robert Pattinson has been evident for a long time. A few years ago Trump infamously took to Twitter to take Pattinson’s side during his breakup with actress Kristen Stewart, and Mr. Trump is again praising the talents of Pattinson.

During a healthcare press conference following Republicans’ Obamacare repeal failure in the Senate, Trump claimed that it would take a special actor to someday play him in a biography-style film.

“With a really smart person like me, it takes a very serious actor to portray me,” Trump said. “I’ve always been impressed with Robert Pattinson, and everyone’s talking about how he looks like a young Donald Trump. When I was at the NATO summit in Europe, it was all everyone was talking about.”

Mr. Trump is blonde haired, and Mr. Pattinson is dark haired, and the supposed similarities Trump referred to are not obvious or apparent.

“Rob—I call him Rob—has a certain ‘oompfh,’ a life force, and a high-energy mentality, or what I like to call ‘the Trump Factor,’ Trump said. “When the biographies of me start being made, probably as I’m getting put on Mt. Rushmore, just remember that they’re all fake news biographies unless Rob Pattinson is playing me. I think he could play me anywhere from age 16 to, really, probably now with a little makeup. Every day people, good people, great people, are telling me that me and Rob are like the same person. I didn’t want to agree when I first heard it, like, decades ago, but maybe it’s true.”

Mr. Trump never actually brought up the Obamacare repeal failure during the press conference originally dedicated to that subject.

(Photos courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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