REVEALED: Trump Fired Bannon For Insinuating He Was The 4th Reich, Would Accept Being Only The 1st Reich


Washington D.C.—

In an exclusive conversation with The Halfway Post, a White House aide, requesting anonymity in exchange for candid expressions, revealed that the reason President Donald Trump fired executive adviser Steve Bannon in August was because Bannon kept insisting that Mr. Trump initiate the Fourth Reich with fascist nationalist policies.

President Trump was angered by the insinuation that he was only in 4th place against all the other Reichs, and fired Bannon for never letting him get to be First Reich.

“Everyone knows Trump doesn’t know crap about history, and that he’s learning now all the things his age should have already taught him a long time ago, but Trump totally could not wrap his head around the chronological context of being the Fourth Reich as compared to the Third Reich, which obviously preceded anything Trump would begin,” said the aide. “Trump kept taking it as an insult, and Bannon would call him a ‘moron’ over and over. Eventually Trump got so butt-hurt about it he forced Bannon out.”

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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