Local Trump Voter Puzzled Why Trump’s “Making America Great Again” Is Tanking The Economy


St. Louis, MO—

A local Trump voter this morning sat down for an interview with The Halfway Post for the latest installment of our series of conversations with Trump supporters.

“I’m still a big fan of Trump, but, to be honest, I’ve started having some worries in the back of my mind,” said Frank Adams of the municipality of St. Anne. “The fluctuations we have seen in the stock market in recent weeks and months are starting to freak me out a little bit. The up and down jumping can’t be healthy for the economy long-term. Don’t get me wrong, I want to ‘Make America Great Again’ like Trump has promised, but when he was campaigning on that slogan I just thought that the actual act of making America great again wouldn’t tank our economy, you know?”

Mr. Adams noted the volatility of stocks stemming from seeming unforced economic errors, such as Trump’s random bitchy decision to begin a trade war against China.

“Now, I’m not the biggest economics expert,” continued Adams, “But even I can tell a trade war with China is a terrible, awful, ruinous idea. We are giant trading partners, for God’s sake! A trade war makes no sense because America imports so many wonderfully low-priced goods from China, and for Trump to start putting tariffs on all kinds of Chinese goods is like raising a tax on American consumption where Americans will have to start arbitrarily spending more money for the same goods. Trump basically just unilaterally decided to lower America’s standard of living and shorten how far our dollars go in the economy because he thinks he looks tough antagonizing our biggest trade partner. And, meanwhile, the US is a giant buyer of China’s exports, so China jumping full steam into a trade war seems like a stupid decision on their part as well, but I understand that they feel the need to stand up for themselves and fight fire with fire so to speak against Trump’s tariffs. Trump’s ego aside, these tariffs are a wholly unnecessary escalation of economic tensions that will have massive repercussions across the entire world, and it’s already spooking investors and having big negative effects in the world of stocks.”

Mr. Adams also has started to reconsider President Obama’s economic record after comparing the Obama Administration’s steady growth to the Trump Administration’s volatility.

“I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Obama. I miss the slow but sure incline in business prospects, stocks, and general economic security we got with Obama. Sure, some of Trump’s economic initiatives have resulted in wild stock growth, but it’s anything but responsible growth. From day to day the stock market can go literally anywhere, and, in fact, Trump’s purposeful unpredictability routinely inspires epic losses on a seeming weekly basis. And the losses keep pointing back to Trump. His campaign got elected with Russian help—that is obvious—and so Facebook and other big tech companies have seen massive losses in expectation of future government regulations; his little war of words against Amazon has seen big losses in Amazon’s market value; and of course all this China trade war stuff is threatening to throw the economy back into a recession that Obama painstakingly dragged us out of! I’m still a ‘Make America Great Again’ guy, but I just wish it wasn’t so destructive on the economy, you know?”


(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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