Exclusive: Robert Mueller Leaked 10 Extra Questions To Ask Donald Trump


New York City, NY

The following are ten extra questions Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller reportedly plans to ask President Donald Trump, along with the previous questions leaked to the New York Times:


1. What would you guess is the most damning evidence against you on Michael Cohen’s sixteen phones we confiscated?

2. Who are you most upset with for flipping on you: Rick Gates or Michael Flynn?

3. Which son of yours, Eric or Donald Jr., would you guess we most easily found evidence of Russian collusion?

4. Should we prosecute Paul Manafort here in the US, or hand him over to the Ukrainians to give back his blood money?

5. Who should we indict first, Jared Kushner or Donald Jr.?

6. In how many perjuries would you guess we caught Jeff Sessions?

7. How many times would you wager I’ve personally watched your pee tape?

8. How many allied nations would you guess intercepted some of your campaign’s collusion contacts to Russia and turned them over to us?

9. If you had hookers in this room right now, which bodily excrement would you be MOST interested in seeing?

10. Would you prefer to be arrested at the White House or Mar-a-Lago?


Sounds like Donald Trump is F*********ed!



(Picture courtesy of Donkey Hotey.)

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