Bob Mueller Made America An Advent Calendar Filled With Indictments For Trump’s Campaign


Bob Mueller, getting into the holiday spirit, announced that the FBI was going to orchestrate a specially designed advent calendar for the month of December in which every day he would unseal an indictment for a member of President Donald Trump’s corrupt administration.

It starts December 1st, and each day of the month leading up to Christmas will bring America one new gift of a federal indictment in the FBI’s Russian collusion investigation.

The Halfway Post received a leaked list of some highlighted dates in the FBI’s finished schedule, including the following:

December 1—Donald Jr.

December 3—Jared Kushner

December 7—Roger Stone

December 9—Jeff Sessions

December 12—Eric Prince

December 19—Sean Hannity

December 24—Mike Pence

December 25—Donald Trump

Novelty physical copies of the advent calendar will be available on the FBI website starting November 20, but you have to swear an oath that you will not open any of the days ahead of time.


(Picture courtesy of DonkeyHotey.)

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