Mike Pence: “I Voted Blue, So Should You! I Can’t Be President Unless Democrats Impeach Trump”


Washington D.C.

Vice President Mike Pence doubled down on his previous election advice to vote straight-tickets for the Democratic Party in a brief phone interview with The Halfway Post.

“God has obviously made some kind of mistake because Donald Trump is still president,” said Mr. Pence. “I don’t understand how he hasn’t been shamed into resignation already. This guy literally has no sense of shame whatsoever. If any other president in history did 1/10th of the shit Trump has done they’d be humiliated by the negative press and quit for the good of the country, but Trump has no such concern over his awful, terrible daily behavior. And it’s really getting in the way of me being president. So I’m encouraging all voters to vote for the Democrats because if they take Congress they will impeach Trump and let me be president. I voted for the Democrats, and so did my wife, my kids, and my best friends. They understand that sometimes you need to vote for the opposing party so that political machinations can remove the current occupant of the White House and replace him with me. Remember, everyone, a vote for Democrats is a vote for Mike Pence!”

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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