Artist Turns Every “Trump Train” Meme Into “Mueller Train” Memes, Alt-Right Snowflakes Claim That’s not Fair


St. Louis, MO—

Local graphic designer Arnie McPhelps recently saw his Trump-themed Tumblr blog, @MuellerTrainMemes, go viral when Tumblr users discovered and shared his artistic work of taking every Alt-Right “Trump Train” meme and turning it into a “Mueller Train” meme featuring Bob Mueller’s likeness instead of President Donald Trump’s likeness.

“The blog just totally blew up all of a sudden, and I think people are just so excited for Mueller’s investigation to drop the hammer on Trump’s obviously corrupt administration,” said McPhelps. “I know I am. It’s awesome, Trump has been asking for an epic, karmic comeuppance his entire life, like since he was six when he punched his teacher. And he loves telling that story. What a shitty person. Trump is a major dirtbag, and the fact that he has gotten so far in life is because he literally has no shame whatsoever in being a shitty human being. Trump will be penniless and in prison when he dies, and no one has done more to ensure that outcome than Donald J. Trump himself. The Mueller Train is going to run over Trump, metaphorically of course.”

But not everyone is a fan of the blog. Members of Alt-Right blogs and websites have complained about the memes being all but plagiarized.

“‘Mueller Train’ memes are a complete copycat effort,” said local Alt-Righter Warren Lehman, who runs several pro-Trump Facebook groups. “Arnie McPhelps is appropriating Alt-Right culture, and I want to know why social justice warriors aren’t fighting on our side to protect our white supremacy culture. They complain about us being racist but why don’t they come to the defense of us Nazis when we get profiled as nazis? I mean, SJW’s complain about every other kind of cultural appropriation, but not when it comes to racist white supremacists. It’s bullshit lib-tardery. For real, our ‘Trump Train’ memes are sacred to us, don’t commandeer our references, we commandeered them first!”

Other Alt-Righters thought that a liberal like McPhelps taking a page out of the neo-nazi playbook was out of boundaries.

“Totally unfair,” insisted Lehmen’s white supremacist friend Zachary Wann. “Liberals should not be able to mock the Alt-Right with memes. The Alt-Right does that to fight pettier than everyone in the establishment, left and right combined. If leftists start doing what we do back to us, then that’s bullshit!”

As of now, however, McPhelps has no plan to stop converting “Trump Train” memes into “Mueller Train” ones.

“All the Alt-Right LARPers have to do is stop making Trump Train memes. If there aren’t any Trump Train memes left, then I won’t have any left to convert, will I?” McPhelps reasoned. “It’s kind of simple.”

(Picture courtesy of Medill DC.)

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