Milo Yiannopoulos Is Mad People Hate Him After Years Of Going Out Of His Way To Make People Hate Him


New York City, NY—

Internet provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has had a rough year—having lost a publication deal for a book no one asked him to write, lost his job writing Alt-Right fan-fiction at Breitbart News, lost his Republican Party street cred after a video surfaced of him apparently endorsing pedophilia, and lost his Twitter profile for chronically bullying people—but his rock bottom just dug a little crawl space after getting kicked out of a New York bar.

Now don’t get us here at The Halfway Post wrong, because we think individuals ought to be able to enjoy a few drinks in a bar without getting run out by an angry mob, but we can’t ignore the fact that Mr. Yiannopoulos spent the last few years literally asking for this to happen.

Just like Milo believes feminists deserve to be harassed for speaking their mind about the patriarchy and rampant sex crimes throughout society, Milo deserves to be harassed in bars and other public places for verbally offending most groups of people. When you get famous and financially wealthy by ceaselessly saying sexist, racist, and generally xenophobic things to which the culture at large is generally not receptive while insisting that the First Amendment protects your hostility as if the mere technical freedom to be a totally shitty person is a logical reason to actually go about daily being shitty, it just so happens that people might react negatively.

And some of those people might see you out in public and treat you with the same lack of respect and civic tolerance that your personal and professional brand embodies.

There’s a lesson here for Mr. Yiannopoulos and the angry bar crowd that ran him out of the place courtesy of The Halfway Post: don’t be shitty!


(Picture courtesy of Cazz.)

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