US Ambassador Nikki Haley Bullied At The UN by “Mean Girls” Clique of NATO Countries


President Donald Trump’s wavering support of NATO during the 2016 election has left America’s European allies uncertain about US-Euro solidarity, and its effects are apparent at the United Nations.

An aide for American UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has vented to The Halfway Post that her boss is having trouble fitting in at the UN because of Trump’s “America First” style of diplomacy.

“Ambassador Haley just hates that the other ambassadors and UN officials have taken out their frustrations with Trump on her,” said the aide. “She understands that it comes with the territory of the job, but she only wishes that the other ambassadors would give her a chance to prove that she is her own person.”

Nowhere has Ambassador Haley felt more left out than the rough and tumble world of the UN lunch room.

“I wish I could say that the UN cafeteria was a totally welcoming place free of social politics, but unfortunately it’s like middle school all over again,” said the aide. “Various NATO members’ ambassadors have formed a sort of ‘mean girls’ clique, and, unfortunately, they use their popularity to exclude other ambassadors and maintain a social hierarchy. Nikki has tried to sit with them on numerous occasions, but they always tell her that they’re saving the empty seat at the end of the NATO table for another country. But that country’s ambassador never shows up.”

Haley has been forced to instead sit at the international “nerds” table, including ambassadors from countries such as the desperately shy Madagascar, the UN Secretary General’s pet Macedonia, fat Kazakhstan, totally lame Gabon, and Uruguay, the country always ganged up on by UN bullies Saudi Arabia and Oman and called “Uru-gay.”

The meanest of the NATO “mean girls” clique are a trio made up of ambassadors from Sweden, Germany, and Canada. The UN talent show is won every year by one of these three countries.

It remains to be seen if Ambassador Haley’s uncoolness and lack of cred will affect President Trump’s foreign political goals, but a White House staffer has told The Halfway Post that President Trump is not happy that his UN ambassador can’t socially climb higher than fat Kazakhstan.

(Photo courtesy of Nicolas Raymond.)

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