White Supremacist Who Ran Over Non-Nazis Isn’t Gonna Be Very Supreme In Prison :D


Charlottesville, VA—

Yesterday, James Alex Fields, Jr. ran over anti-Nazi protesters protesting the Charlottesville white supremacist rally in Virginia.

He injured 19 people, and killed one person, taking a page out of the Islamic terror group ISIS’ playbook. He was photographed earlier that day participating in the white supremacy rally, and after the attack was quickly arrested.

It is an irony that Fields is going to go to prison, where he will certainly not be supreme. In fact, he’s probably going to get F-ed up. Karma’s a bitch, but nazis should know by now that the world is in agreement that they suck. We all had a big war to prove it.

Other white supremacists are obviously continuing the rally because it beats going back into their parents’ basements and feeling sorry for themselves that equality to them feels like oppression because they’re little snowflakes. It’s amazing all those ironically not-white-cultured tiki torches didn’t melt them.

Social media participants have taken to sharing the photographs of the nazi protesters so that they can be identified. The plan is for these photographs proving the protesters are nazis to follow them for the rest of their lives so that they have trouble getting hired for jobs and being accepted for other life opportunities. This way they will finally, actually feel the discrimination that they’ve claimed has oppressed white people for years.


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