The Definitive Guide To Alt-Right Nazi Slang And Symbols

The Alt-Right is made up of superfluous morons who are butt-hurt that most people in this world don’t have problems making friends. They bond over their mutual loneliness, exclusion from feminine interest, and meme culture.

Here is a list of some of the Alt-Right’s major symbols and slang terms:

Pepe the Frog—an appropriated comic character the Alt-Right turned into a Trump-supporting antisemite. It got so annoying and stupid that the creator of Pepe killed off the character.

Milk—represents the genetic purity of the white race, and Alt-Righters have chugging contests to throw up on each other and then have big, gay orgies in the mess, not because they’re homosexual but because they’re aggressively heterosexual and unable to get any girlfriends.

(((  )))—these are echoes that Alt-Righters put around people’s names when they think those people have Jewish ancestors. Ex: “I hate my Jewish friend (((Wendell Stein)) because (((Wendell Stein)) got into Harvard and I live in my parents’ basement jerking off to old, vintage video clips of Eva Braun.”

Kekistan—“kek” is a World of Warcraft reference that refers to an in-game translation of “LOL.” Kekistan is a made up country that is a stand-in for Nazi Germany. The flag of Kekistan mimics the Nazi Germany flag, but comes in a green and black color scheme to reference Pepe the Frog. The flag also has a little symbolic reference to 4chan. Alt-Righters are literally the biggest losers to ever exist.

Limp Bizkit—a competition where four Alt-Righters get together, jerk off onto a cracker, and the last one to cum has to eat the cracker and all the sperm. No one knows why they do this, or how it relates to Nazism.

Trump Train—the fictional idea of a train with no brakes that runs over every person and media company that stands in President Trump’s way. A common Trump Train victim is CNN. Definitely a penis-compensation-complex related metaphor.

Trump golf outfit—Alt-Righters wears a white polo shirt and khaki pants to imitate President Donald Trump golfing. It makes them look preppy, and it’s only accurate when the Alt-Righter is as fat as Donald Trump. Maybe they should stuff their shirts and prostate areas with pillows to more closely resemble Trump. Goes well with tiki torches that Alt-Righters prefer for you to forget weren’t invented by white people.

(Picture courtesy of Peter Merholz.)

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