Donald Trump Running Out Of People To Throw Under The Bus


Washington D.C.—

With the Russian Collusion Scandal unfolding exponentially every day that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller puts on his shoes and drives to his FBI office, many Republican officials have expressed concern that President Donald Trump is running out of Administration and transition team members to throw under the bus.

During Donald Trump Jr.’s recent testimony to the House Investigative Committee, in which he refused to disclose relevant information pertaining to conversations he had with his father citing a bogus interpretation of a law that does not pertain to the his situation, the President’s son appeared to throw Trump communications director Hope Hicks under the bus, suggesting he talked to her about his Trump Tower Russia meeting instead of his dad.

“This is a very troubling development for the Trump Administration and for President Trump himself,” explained Republican Representative Tom Dallas of Oklahoma, who participated in the Congressional interview. “They may have kicked the can down a day or two, but obviously this means investigators are going to come knocking on Miss Hicks’ door asking for information. I imagine she will divulge what she knows rather than go to prison, and at that point she will confirm that Don Jr. is guilty of Russian collusion and that Mr. Trump himself knows all about the whole conspiracy. It may have saved these RussiaGate probable cons an extra day to plan their legal defense strategy, but who is really left at this point after disgraced general Michael Flynn conspicuously flipped on the President now that they have apparently even cast out the in-over-her-head communications assistant Hope Hicks, whose job description, for some reason, included steaming Trump’s suits while he wore them? At this point the only people Mr. Trump has left to throw under the bus are family members Don Jr. and Jared Kushner. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out what Hicks has to say.”

The following is the list of former Trump employees who have been thrown under the bus:

  • Carter Page, who White House officials have insisted played no major role in the transition, despite listing him as a foreign policy adviser and allowing him to go to Russia to meet with suspected Russian agents.
  • Paul Manafort, who acted as the Trump campaign’s CEO for the critical summer months leading up to the Republican nominating convention, but was described as having played a minor role in the campaign upon his arrest.
  • George Papadopoulos, who apparently flipped on the Trump Administration in the service of the FBI in the summer, but Trump insisted was merely a coffee boy.
  • Michael Flynn, who White House officials described as an “Obama official.”
  • The FBI, which Trump has consistently criticized, calling into question the organization’s integrity and insisting that the bureau was in “tatters” because its investigation into Russian collusion appears to have him by the balls, especially following news of Mueller’s subpoena of Deutsche Bank’s records related to Trump.
  • Hope Hicks, who Donald Trump Jr. incriminated to buy himself a couple extra days before indictment.

Classic guilty moves.

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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