The Pope Reveals On Twitter He Felt A “Burning Sensation” When He Shook Donald Trump’s Hand


Vatican City—

Pope Francis has been the first digital Pope, so to speak, being the first Pope to build and wield a presence on social media. The Pope also has a popular following on Snapchat, and often publishes videos of himself rapping about God in Latin.

The Pope is especially popular on Twitter, where he often tweets about values like kindness, tolerance, forgiveness and humility. Naturally, this has made the Pope a sort of subliminal foil, opposite the bombastic leadership of President Donald Trump. However, their Twitter feud has grown less subtle in recent weeks.

Early this morning, the Pope posted the following tweet:

“I’ve never told anyone this before, but when I shook a certain dotard’s hand, I felt the unmistakable heated tingling of the Fallen Angel Lucifer himself. The evil one has rooted itself throughout Donald Trump’s entire being #hellbound.”

The tweet quickly went viral, and has complemented previous reports of Vatican insiders saying that the Pope often rants at dinner about Trump’s total inappropriateness for his level of power.

At time of publishing, Mr. Trump had not responded with a comeback, but (LOL!) we know it won’t be long.


Mr. Trump responded on Twitter, calling Pope Francis “Little Franky”:

“Little Franky isn’t even the only Pope right now. Why listen to him? We like the old cranky Pope better. Little Franky is the fake news Pope.”

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