Donald Trump Starts Charity For “Victims Of Fake News,” Keeps All Donations For Himself


Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump yesterday signed paperwork to found a new Trump Organization charity. The charity has been named the “Victims of Fake News Fund,” and its mission statement says the charity aims to “help and promote Americans who are victimized by fake news, mainstream media companies, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and unfair Republican career public servants.”

However, despite the claim of being a charity, the fund’s sole beneficiary is President Donald Trump.

This apparent conflict of interest, however, has not stopped the fund from soliciting donations through Mr. Trump’s reelection campaign.

An advertisement on the Trump’20 website asks supporters to “Help the biggest victims this country has ever seen.”

Commentators noted the pluralized “victims,” despite the fund’s transparency that Trump is the only benefactor.

Fox News political pundits have also gotten involved in publicity for the new charity, using Fox programming to explain how Mr. Trump is a fake news victim worthy of hundreds of thousands of dollars in sympathy donations.

Sean Hannity used his show to claim that President Trump is “a martyr for truthfulness, integrity, and moral purity,” and pledged that he would personally donate one million dollars to the charity. Mr. Hannity then went on to comment for sixteen minutes about how if he were president in an ideal world, he would force all elementary school students to pledge loyalty oaths to the Presidency every morning in school after prayers to “White Jesus,” but before the students’ afternoon AR-15 rifle training sessions.

The Trump Administration denied that the fund would benefit the President financially, but, as is typical with the President, that is obviously a lie.

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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