Donald Trump Asked Queen Elizabeth If She Was “Bleeding From Her Wherever”

London, England

While in England for a state visit, President Donald Trump reportedly offended Queen Elizabeth by asking the monarch if she was menstruating.

The faux pas occurred during a dinner reception, and instantly outraged the British people. Social media exploded with trending controversy on both sides of the pond.

The incident reportedly took place after the Queen audibly giggled when Mr. Trump interrupted the conversation to casually claim that the White House physician had told him he was in better shape than President Obama had been. Trump was reportedly offended by the Queen’s laughing, and, according to several eyewitnesses, he snapped at her.

“What, are you on the rag?” Trump is recorded asking. “Are you bleeding from your wherever? You think I’m fat? I’m not fat. I’m just big boned. I’m the biggest boned president, probably in history.”

The Queen reportedly giggled after that comment as well.

“I didn’t know you were so nasty,” Trump replied back. “Maybe I should put a tariff on British goods, you want that? What treaties have we signed with you guys? I’ll rip them all up. I’ll treat you like Iran!”

“Ha! You ran? I’d love to see that!” the Queen retorted, bursting into laughter.

After this comment, Mr. Trump’s face reportedly turned a bright orange.

“I’m one of the best runners of all time!” Trump screamed. “Everywhere I go, people are talking about it. During my meeting with Kim Jong-un, he said I was definitely the fastest runner in all of North Korea. A lot of people don’t know this!”

Queen Elizabeth then reportedly laughed so hard that she excused herself from the room and the dinner ended.

“What a bitch,” Trump was heard muttering under his breath as he left the room.

(Picture courtesy of Chatham House.)

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