Trump Spent 3 Hours Picking Up A Trail Of Pennies Left By Mike Bloomberg

Washington D.C.—

The feud between President Donald Trump and former-mayor Mike Bloomberg is heating up as the Democratic presidential primary has begun to cast votes, and Bloomberg has taken to orchestrating several pranks against Mr. Trump.

The latest took place across several streets of Washington D.C. outside the White House. Bloomberg reportedly paid several staffers to walk in circles dropping pennies like breadcrumbs in a trail.

After returning from an early golf outing this afternoon, Trump saw one penny at the edge of the White House lawn and walked over to pick it up before raising his arms above his head and gyrating his hips in celebration. That’s when he noticed more pennies, and he spent the next three hours picking them all up enthusiastically and explaining to passersby what a great business deal he was making with the sidewalk.

Many commentators thought it ironic that Trump would so devotedly collect the coins despite being, allegedly, a multi-billionaire.

A Bloomberg campaign staffer caught Trump’s penny-hunting on video, and Bloomberg posted the video to his Twitter with the caption “FAKE BILLIONAIRE.”

Trump responded with the following tweet:

“I was only picking up those pennies to start a fund to donate new, longer legs to Midget Mike Bloomberg, trust me! I had never even seen a penny before (because I’m so rich). I wanted to see which president’s face I’d be replacing on the penny someday because no president has ever been more successful or better looking than me!”

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