Trump Tweeted That The “Peebody Awards” Are Rigged

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump has tweeted another faux pas revolving around the spelling of the name of a famous award.

He has previously complained about Nobel Prizes, spelling them “Noble,” and this time it’s the Peabody Awards’ turn for Presidential tweetular criticism.

Mr. Trump published the following tweets:

“The Peebodies are 100% rigged against me! I should have earned no less than 10 by now, but they’re a part of the Fake News, lamestream media so they’ll never honor me. Sad! The Peebodies are pissing away their reputation every year I don’t get one!”

The Apprentice was the best show ever created. It was so tremendous that without me it failed! Remember Arnold? I do. He was so terrible. The show needed me. My show was the most important contribution to television entertainment in decades! No wonder the Peebody ratings are going down the toilet!”

“Everyone who has won a Peebody in the last 15 years ought to give them to me! I deserve them. They should acknowledge that the Peebodies were rigged against me, or they’re dishonest cowards. Everyone who won’t mail me their Peebody Awards is yellow!”

Commentators around the Internet immediately started making fun of the President’s tweets.

Media pundits had a field day referencing Mr. Trump’s alleged role in several Russian-filmed pee tapes following the irony of Trump’s misspelling of “Peabody.”

Other commentators called Trump a whiny little baby.

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