Being Insulted By Trump On Twitter Is The Greatest Honor You Can Receive

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump has cheapened the experience of receiving the Medal of Freedom after Mr. Trump gave the award to a preposterous hack like Rush Limbaugh, devaluing its worth in the eyes of America.

However, a new award has supplanted the Medal of Freedom for the top honor President Trump can bestow on a civilian citizen: an insult on Twitter.

Given that Trump is such a terrible man, father, business tycoon, president and human, to be insulted by him is the greatest testament to one’s personal character.

If Trump has published a tweet about you calling you “talentless,” “failing,” “loser,” “dog,” “clown,” “dumber than a bag of rocks,” or any other insult, you can bet you’re doing something right in life!

To earn a negative Trump tweet, you’re either highly ethical, professional in your governmental or regulatory job, accurate about some observation you’ve made about him, or just plain a good person unwilling to consent to his gaslighting of America. Props to you!

So don’t worry about the Medal of Freedom from the President! His next crop of recipients will probably include his daughter Ivanka, Kim Jong Un, and/or himself. You don’t want to share the award with those ne’er-do-wells! Strive for a Trump insult on Twitter instead, and live the rest of your life confident you’ve made a difference!

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