Trump Is An Alpha Male Until A Female Reporter Asks Him A Tough Question

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump today had another of his famous tantrums during a press conference on COVID-19.

He was just finishing a meandering monologue on how he’s a better, more successful president than Abraham Lincoln, when a female reporter interrupted him to ask him how his answer related to her question about what his administration’s plan was for opening up the economy despite the continuing coronavirus crisis.

Trump then told her to ask China what their plan to stop COVID in America because coronavirus is all China’s fault.

Then Trump said it was Obama’s fault because he was too busy tricking Michael Flynn to commit crimes, and then lie about the crimes to the FBI, and then plead guilty to lying to the FBI, and then take back his guilty plea.

Then Trump blamed Obama’s pandemic response packet for being a full 69 pages but not including his name in it anywhere guaranteeing he’d never read it.

Then Trump blamed Hillary Clinton, who he said was still upset she never campaigned in Wisconsin.

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