Inspiration For The People Smart Enough To Hate Donald Trump

If Democrats win the Senate, I hope Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden tell Moscow Mitch to take his filibuster and go f*** himself with it.

It would be very good for America if after Trump loses he bounces around in very public corruption, rape, and fraud trials so his supporters can see for themselves how conned they were.

The Republican Party has basically become a scheme for calling old, white people and telling them they’ll be robbed by brown immigrants unless they give their social security numbers right now.

Whether MAGA fans have donated their hard-earned money to conservative causes for Jesus, guns, or the wall, they’ve been ripped off by con artists supporting Trump from a yacht to get tax cuts for themselves.

We have to vote Biden because by the end of another four years of Trump being president, the Pledge of Allegiance will be changed to “Under Trump” with every Republican in Congress co-signing that bill. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Lindsey Graham will compete in who can drink the most bleach to earn Trump’s permission to smell all his farts.

Tucker Carlson is going to have to watch a lot of videos of himself being a douche on repeat in hell.

Why do Republicans not recognize that QAnon is a national security horror? An entirely anonymous person feeding fake news to millions of gullible morons convinced that everyone in any societal institution is regularly drinking baby blood. There is nothing conservative in that.

Trump has literally spent his entire presidency cruising on Obama’s economy, taking credit for all the heavy lifting Obama and Biden did on foreign policy and bureaucratic competence. Now with COVID, the first major crisis that wasn’t of his own making, he has utterly failed us.

Trump getting all of his most committed supporters to crowd together with no masks so they don’t hurt his feelings, and then cheer a lot spreading all their germs and viruses is pretty impressive 4-dimensional chess.

House Democrats need to start subpoenaing loads of documents related to the Trump Administration’s crimes so when Trump loses and his staff turns DC’s sky black with the smoke of burning incrimination they can all go to jail.

If Trump loses, the newspaper front pages around the world are going to be epic. Headlines of “Whew” with political cartoons that are historically and monumentally memorable.

Turns out Trump is a terrible judge of the best people.

Democrats should censure every Republican in Congress who violated their oath and responsibility to hold Trump accountable for collusion, Ukraine, emoluments, troop bounties, Hatch Act violations, USPS BS, and letting Trump skirt Senate confirmation for terrible appointees.

If Democrats win the Senate, they should pass a “Republicans: Go F*** Yourself Act Of 2021” with automatic voter registration, DC/Puerto Rico statehood, ex-felon voting, national voting holiday, permanent voting station mandates proportioned to population, and free voter IDs.

It would be good for our democracy if more Americans knew how flawed, eccentric and disagreeable our Founding Fathers could be. Especially if it allowed for the Constitutional reform of which we are in desperate need, like ending the Electoral College.

Rural conservatives will suffer the most from the dismantling of USPS. Private companies with CEOs trying to become trillionaires won’t mail letters to the middle of nowhere for just a 55-cent stamp. Republicans, as usual, are screwing over their own voters most.

Fox News called Obama “divisive” for 8 years, then flipped preposterously silent when Donald Trump began insulting everyone who is not him and letting 170K+ Americans die from COVID because they thought it was Democratic hoax to make Trump look bad.

Trump said he might have his whole cabinet resign if he wins. Sounds like a fascist red flag to me. Did he accidentally appoint a bunch of swamp monsters who need to be fired four years later? How embarrassing. Maybe Moscow Mitch will turn his back on Trump if his wife gets canned.

Picture this: A pregnant woman’s fetus is found to have a rare defect where its brain does not develop. The fetus will die immediately after birth, and is functionally not alive now. She lives in a strictly fundamentalist Republican state where she is forced to carry her dead child for another several months and then risk her own health and life to go through birth needlessly, or go to jail for 30 years. The government should not be participating in this decision, should it?

America will continue toward ruin until Citizens United is reversed. Get quid pro quo superPAC money out of our democracy, especially the foreign money.

Republicans might want to rethink their strategy of screwing over 30 million+ unemployed people soon to be unable to pay their bills with little to lose if they go out and protest outside Republicans’ homes 24-hours a day…

Donald Trump calling Sheldon Adelson and angrily demanding more money is hilarious. I’m still laughing about it.

Record stock prices amidst a crumbling society means that Republicans and corporate robber barons need to admit either that the free market is not wise, or that they just don’t give a shit about America.

At this point, if you think Donald Trump is smart, you’re a dumbf***. If this offends you, I guess you’re not as opposed to political correctness as you claim.

How consistent of conservatives to accuse Democrats of terrorism and fascism for everything between Barack and Michelle’s fist bump and Obamacare, respectively, only to gleefully cheer Trump’s tireless efforts to end US democracy and self-sovereignty in order to “own the libs.”

The further Trump goes down in the polls, the more incentive Republicans will have to make COVID worse so that after Biden takes over they can claim Democrats made it worse. I’m not sure this is an unfair exaggeration of Republican cynicism.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Republicans tried out a populism that wasn’t gleefully based on white supremacy?

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