Exhaustive Survey Confirms All The Charlottesville Nazis Combined Have Just 4 Girlfriends


Charlottesville, VA—

An exhaustive survey of the Charlottesville neo-Nazis present at the white supremacy rally reveals that all of the hundreds of participating Nazis combined have just four girlfriends between them.

Some had previously been married, but been divorced on account of their awful personalities.

The survey was conducted by the polling company Rasmussen, and was conducted with phone interviews and Facebook profile analysis.

The Charlottesville rally participants skewed virtually entirely male, and very young, with a median age of 25.3 years. Most were single, and of course the absence of feminine perspective in their lives and anger toward women are big determining factors in how they originally got interested in the Alt-Right movement.

Of the four girlfriends counted, one was suspicious. Neo-Nazi Goeff Hollander from Richmond, Virginia claimed he had a girlfriend, but had no pictures of her to prove it, and he said he would totally introduce the Rasmussen interviewers to her except that she was out of town and they were going long-distance for a bit.

[This story is developing.]

(Picture courtesy of Jayson Przybyla.)

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